About Us

We pride ourselves in providing a popular and growing range of specialty, high-quality German Tobacco to match the demand for use in traditional shisha. Known for its distinctive smoothness and rich, intensely flavorful smoke, Amazing Tobacco is available in many flavors ranging from traditional to the more robust, exotic flavors of contemporary times.

Customer Support

Our customers are important to us, therefore we always ensure you having a great experience with Amazing Tobacco by having your questions or issues addressed in a timely manner.

Do not hesitate to contact us by calling or by sending an Email, and we will be happy to answer your questions or provide help with your issues!

Our Passion

We are passionate about delivering the best.

Amazing Tobacco develops the best molasses all over the world by using the highest quality ingredient and flavors to maintain a world-class product.


We value our customers and consumers and take their priorities as our own.

Amazing Tobacco’s aim is to provide the highest product quality in order to satisfy and delight customers all over the world.