In the world of hookah/shisha smoking, people learn by copying the others around them. Due to the social context of this cultural tradition, this is only natural. Nevertheless, each smoker has their own preference and opinion on how to correctly prepare a hookah. While there are no generally known best practices, there are certainly some common mistakes that get passed around. Learning how to smoke properly will save you money and actual headaches. This blog is here to help you learn how to be a shisha pro and have the perfect hookah/shisha experience.

Don’t Put Ice in the Base

The first mistake that a lot of people make is adding ice to the base. It’s mistakenly known that having chilly water will result in a smoother session. However in this case, the ice is masking the potentially burnt flavor. While it might feel “smooth” but in reality the ice is removing valuable flavor from your bowl. Therefore, to have the perfect hookah/shisha experience, you will need a well-packed bowl with decent heat management to provide you with the smooth, cloudy session that is full of flavor.

Avoid Beginning With Dark Leaf Tobacco

For beginners, it is advisable to stay away from dark leaf tobacco as it known for its’ high nicotine content. Some people do have a higher tolerance for the amount of nicotine they can smoke, but we are here to warn you that you might not be able to take it the first time. Nevertheless, if you are interested in smoking something stronger, you need to accustom yourself to smoking hookah/shisha and gradually make your way to dark leaf tobacco.

Learn How to Carry the Hookah/Shisha the Right Way

A common mistake that is seen a lot is carrying the pipe by the stem. It seems more convenient, however this will increase the chance of you dropping the shisha and you will end up with a shattered base. People don’t realize that the only thing holding the pipe to the base is a rubber grommet. The main thing you need to learn from this is; always carry the pipe by the base.

Put a Reasonable Amount of Coals

When smoking hookah/shisha, everybody wants big puffy clouds. Overloading coals is not the way to achieve that. Excess coal will only shorten your smoking duration and the bowl will potentially get burnt. To attain the big clouds and have the perfect hookah/shisha experience, all you need to have is a well packed bowl and to manage the heat properly.

Know that Bigger Hookah/Shisha Doesn’t Mean Bigger Clouds

This assumption is not necessarily correct. The size of the cloud doesn’t come down to the size of the hookah. A lot of factors contribute to give you the ideal smoking session such as proper heat management. In a nutshell, you are capable of obtaining massive clouds with smaller pipes, it all depends if you are preparing your hookah/shisha correctly.

Light Coals Correctly

If you are using half lit coals when smoking shisha, they will ruin the whole experience. There won’t be enough heat to start the bowl and the taste will be terrible. In addition, there is a good chance you are inhaling unnecessary CO2 when smoking with improperly lit coals.
On the other hand, you might over-light your coals. When correctly lighting coals, they will turn into bright red and that’s how you know they are ready. However, if left too much in the heat, they will shrink and will shorten your smoking session. In brief, always keep your eyes on the coals.

Never Add Alcohol to Your Base

You might think you had a great idea when you thought to put alcohol instead of water in the base. Well, you didn’t. Using this method will not only harm the hookah/shisha, but inhaling these fumes can pose a danger to your health. Plus, you will have a hard cleaning the pipe.

Don’t Assume Higher Price Means Higher Quality

In many cases, the price of a product doesn’t reflect its quality! As with automobiles, you wouldn’t buy something just because it’s expensive, the same is true for hookah/shisha and accessories. Research the product thoroughly, and make sure it is made from high-quality materials. The “best” hookahs, bowls, hoses, and accessories may vary according to personal preference, but there are a few products that are better than others depending on what you want in your hookah session. It’s important to purchase items that you will enjoy, instead of wasting money on things you won’t use.

Now you are ready to go out there and smoke like a hookah pro! With all the knowledge you have now about all the common mistakes people do, you can have your perfect hookah/shisha experience.