How should I store my shisha products to make sure it lasts as long as possible? This is a question that probably has rarely crossed your mind. However, proper storage has a huge impact on the freshness of the shisha products and hookah experience. To have the same ideal smoking experience each time, you must store your products in the correct way.

To begin, let’s talk about how long your shisha products should last. Shisha products have a shelf life of approximately 2 years if it is properly sealed. You can store your products from 6 months to a year after opening it. That is if you use the right storage technique. Without proper storage, it will dry out or go stale. That means that shisha products will have a weaker taste. Also, they will burn more quickly, and the smoking session will be shortened.

After having an idea of how long the shisha products should last, here are a few tips to keep them in a good condition to enjoy it whenever you please.

Keep it Sealed

You need to make sure that your shisha products are tightly sealed. If you are a frequent smoker and you use up your products quickly, it makes sense to keep them in the original container. But if you tend to keep shisha products for a longer period of time or if you have a large quantity, then it is advisable to put them in a resealable bag or container.

Doing this kind of setup is nice because later as you restock your collection you already have containers dedicated for shisha. This will help not only to prolong the life of your shisha, but it will also be easy for you to see what you have available and what you’re running low on.

Choose the Right Place to Store

Since shisha is made of natural elements, its storage environment needs to be taken into consideration, just like any organic material. Shisha should be kept in a dry, neutral-temperature space. What does that mean? Your shisha is best kept in a space with room temperature and low humidity.

Should it be refrigerated once opened? No, and don’t even think about freezing it either. Keep your shisha out of the refrigerator unless the only place where you can store shisha products is in the garage, and even then, keep it at the coolest setting possible.

Extreme cold will dry out the products and will affect the oils in the molasses. It also won’t make your shisha taste mintier or cooler during the smoke session. Besides, the flavor won’t be as rich when you pull out the shisha to smoke because of the temperature shock.

Don’t Forget the Coals

When it comes to shisha coals, no one really talks about them. You will want to keep shisha coals as dry as possible. If they absorb any moisture, they will take more time to light and you will need more coals to have enough heat for one bowl. You might want to consider having a designated spot just for your shisha coals. This will keep them dry and away from moisture.

Why Amazing Tobacco Products Are Different?

Our shisha products are different from the rest as they are double sealed. This means your shisha products will stay fresh and flavorful for the longest time possible without having to change the container. Also, our packaging ensures optimum results to give you the best shisha experience.