Nowadays, there are many shisha tobacco brands of different origins with unique selling points that offer a variety of flavors, qualities, and shisha/hookah experience. Customers decide on their favorite brand depending on array of things. Firstly, it hinges on personal preference and which flavor the customer prefers. Secondly, the type of tobacco used such as German tobacco, French tobacco, etc. Thirdly, some people select the shisha tobacco based on the popularity of the brand in their region. Lastly, a minority of people make their choice depending on details including nicotine percentages, liquidity of the shisha tobacco, smoke intensity, and the duration of the shisha head.

Small number of people can tell the main differences between shisha brands, as there is diverse types, kinds, and origins of the shisha tobacco. With many types of tobacco used to manufacture hookah molasses, each type has particular specifications and qualities that result in a distinctive hookah experience.

At Amazing Tobacco, our entire yellow shisha tobacco products contain German tobacco which ensures a smooth experience for our customers. On the other hand, countless numbers of other brands use cheaper types of tobacco, claiming to use only German tobacco. When in reality, the tobacco gets mixed with other types.

Virginia Blonde Leaf, also known as Bright Leaf tobacco, is the most frequently used tobacco in hookahs. In some cases, this leaf is blended with other Oriental (Turkish) tobacco varieties. Virginia Blonde Leaf is typically flue-cured, which means it is dried in a heated indoor structure. This process of curing gives the leaves their vibrant yellow/orange color and the sweetness in flavor.

Why German Tobacco?

During our 20 years in the market, many types of tobacco have been tested by our professional team to establish the main qualifications to produce the perfect product. So, here are the fundamental standards you need to look for when purchasing shisha tobacco:

Nicotine Percentage Consistency

The nicotine level varies from the stem of the tobacco leaf to the tip. Reducing the number of stems and using only the middle part of the leaf will sustain the level of nicotine resulting in the perfect end product. Blonde Leaf tobacco, like Amazing Tobacco’s, has 0.05% nicotine content and is not known for giving a nicotine buzz. It is mainly smoked to enjoy the flavor and relax.

Usage of Pesticides

Pesticides have been linked to many kinds of diseases that lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and even birth defects. It can potentially harm the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the endocrine system. All of the tobacco farms in Germany must be members of the Bundesverband Deutscher Tobakpflanzer eV. This organization assures that the members are following extremely reduced pesticides treatment techniques while adhering to professional cultivation rules.

Sugar Content

A tobacco leaf with high levels of sugar leads to a smoother hookah experience. The high sugar content reduces the harshness of smoke, making it easier to inhale.

Flue-Cured Tobacco

Flue-cured tobacco tends to exhibit less mold then other types of tobacco. It has a low nicotine content and high sugar content, making it an ideal choice for smooth cigarette blends.

Diverse kinds of great tobacco sources are available. One of the main competitors to the German tobacco in the shisha/hookah field is the French Tobacco. However, German tobacco is considered to be the most expensive, reputable, and highest on quality.